Sunday, March 11, 2007

Home Again

The first game (charity, cancer-fighting event) was pretty mellow, as hockey games go. But the home team won, and that's what we like. Not too bad for my first hockey game. The second one, well... I went to a fight and a really bad hockey game broke out.

The Richmond Renegades are actually a pretty good team, even though they lost 6 to 1. They still played like they could come back. Even those last two minutes, where most teams in most other sports don't even put forth an effort, they played like they were planning on scoring a goal a second until the end. It was pretty neat. And most of their players can take someone out in one gloved punch. That was kind of cool too. It would have been better if they won, but hey, I wasn't disappointed.

Today, it's take my aunt to the airport, followed by dinner and the Number 23 with Monty. This part I don't really want to do, but I said I would. At least I had a fun Saturday.

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