Friday, March 16, 2007

I'm not cheap, but I can be bought

While my dad and I were driving home yesterday, we were listening to the local news radio (as we always do, we need the traffic reports!). There was a report on business news, the stock market and stuff like that, that said something about some company buying some other company for $3 billion. To which I cheerfully said, "I'd like to be bought for $3 billion!"

The way that statement came out was not the way it was intended, especially in the presence of my dad!

There are two quotes that my dad often likes to repeat. One is the title of this blog entry. The other (usually when I'm subject to some fatherly advice) is: "Every man has his price, hold out for yours." Then we started talking about what that price might be.

Let's stick with the $3 billion. It would first be $3 billion a year, and I'm not greedy, I'll say 10 years. There will also have to be a house, that won't cost any of my $3 billion. They're building a really pretty one near my home: decently sized with really gorgeous brick and stone details. It would have to be fully furnished and decorated and all of that, with grounds keepers and house keepers. And it would include a full wardrobe with clothing from my two favorite clothing stores, Chico's and Newport News. I'll also need a sailboat like Gone with the Wind, 36 feet long with comfortable quarters below. And a slip to keep it in that also won't cost any of my annual $3 billion. And I'll need a private beach or other landing on some not-well-travelled creek for kayaking. And I'll need trips to several places in the world; Ireland, Egypt, China, Japan, Australia, Italy, Brazil, and a few others. And maybe even a flight to space for good measure. That would probably be enough.

Yeah, I'm not cheap, but I can be bought.

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