Thursday, March 29, 2007

Washington DC is Searching for a New Slogan

Currently, they use "taxation without representation." While this is a true statement (DC residents are taxed, but do not have a voice in Congress), it doesn't exactly promote people to visit.

I like this city, and I tend to not like big cities in general. There are many things to see; museums, historical places, monuments, memorials, Japanese Sakura trees. The place is teething with interesting things that don't have to cost any money to enjoy. It is the capital of a nation, a nation that is a world power, and all we can think of is "taxation without representation."

Well, truth be told, they need to fix that lack of representation part, but they want something new to say about this fine city. People have been calling in to local radio and TV stations and city officials. Here are some suggestions:

Welcome to Washington DC, Don't Park Here.

Welcome to Washington DC, Now Leave.

Washington DC, Traffic Beast of the East.

I vote for the last one (you thought this was going to be a serious political blog entry, didn't you?).

I plan for a few mishaps along my 50 mile commute in and around the DC area. Even sitting in a 30 minute back up, I should be able to get to work by 7:00. So, some poor soul broke down on the bridge this morning, blocking the left lane and creating a 30 minute backup along five miles. No problem, we're still going fine on our time table. Then some fool in a landscaping truck crunched up the back of a little black car, creating another 30 minute backup along another five miles of Beltway. 30 minutes I can take. Not one hour. I was 30 minutes late. Yuck.

Yup. Traffic Beast of the East gets my vote.

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