Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Four Months from Now

In four months, I will be visiting my friends in Idaho. A lot will happen between now and then, making it seem like so far away. That time will get here before we know it though!

I dreamt last night that it was July, and I had just arrived at my friends' home. One cat, Ashy, came right up and said her kitty hello (much like she did when I met her last year). The other female, Pandora, really really really wanted attention from me (only slightly unlike what she did when I met her last year). The other cat, Bandit, spent much of the first part of the dream hiding from me (exactly as he did when I met him last year). But, I was able to tempt him out with a handful of kitty treats, and Willow and I were trying to hold off Pandora as I gave Bandit treats so he'd remember me. In the midst of all these kitties, I realized that I forgot my laptop (horrors!) and my tarot cards (more horrors!) and a few other things that I really wanted to bring.

I know I'm not actually going to forget those things in July (how can I possibly forget my cards?), but now my trip really does seem so far away. I know it's not. My Spring and Summer days are pretty full right now, so I'm sure it will come before I know it. Soon, I tell you, soon!

I've been looking forward to this since I left them last year. Everyone around the office thinks my life must be pretty dull if I'm that excited about going to Idaho. I don't care! It's not dull! And I am excited! So there!

Last night I re-downloaded that three hour download onto my laptop so I can write a back-up copy to a DVD. Downloading to my laptop took one hour. I figured it out though! Three hours to one hour is the difference between a 10MB hub and a 100MB hub. I need one of those on my desk computer! New upgrade to Vue coming soon!

If anyone wants to know, all back office systems at work are down right now. And nothing is on the Africam to keep me occupied. I completely cleared job #1 of the four I have to cover yesterday, though. A step closer!

That's all the bored rambling for now, I think!


Willow Goldentree said...

What a weird dream! Because it's pretty close to the truth! I won't let you forget anything. :)

Oooh...It sounds like a storm is brewing in Africa but still no animals in sight.

Fyrecreek said...

I bless the rains down in Africa!

That's a strange song, now that I think about it.... :)

Willow Goldentree said...

Hey, we all miss you and Bandit wants to know when he'll get to sit on your lap again. :)