Saturday, October 13, 2007

Airyn's Big Birthday Weekend Bash, Part 1

In keeping with my father's and my thirteen year tradition, we went to the Maryland Renaissance Festival to celebrate my birthday. This started out as the day that we went to the faire, and ended up being an entire weekend where we both make sure we're not working so as to see shows and do some shopping and call it fun! This is the one time during the course of the year where we get to dress in finery, and not the middle class merchant attire that we must wear when working.

The weekend starts with me getting my hair braided.

I can usually do pretty neat things with my hair on my own, but it's nice to get something more complex done for me! I told the braider to make the bun low enough so I can still wear my hat. She said she made is as low as she could, but it wasn't enough. Oh well! I had to buy a new hat.

Fox joined us in the morning, and my friend Turtle came up from Richmond, what a great present! We did a little shopping and saw a couple comedy shows. I didn't feel rushed today, which is quite a great feeling.

After faire, Fae joined us at this wonderful Irish place called the Killarney House for dinner. Yes, I strayed from my diet a little, but I knew I would! I've got some stories about this place, but I'll save them for another time.

Tomorrow: take two!

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