Friday, October 19, 2007

Before the Day's Coffee

I started this morning by reading a nice article about quantum physics. You didn't think I was so intellectual, didja?

So, if the Many Worlds Theory is correct, there's another universe where I've already died, where I was never even born, and even one where I have no reason to make appointments with doctors. I would that were this one.

I think the Many Worlds Theory (the idea that the universe copies itself with every choice everyone ever makes and plays out all possible outcomes, independent of the original) is hard for a spiritual being to grasp. That's why it's a scientific theory, I suppose, because we all should know that ne'er the two shall meet when it comes to faith and science.

I do believe in the theories of multiple universes and dimensions, but I also believe I have a soul. I think that makes me a paradox. I can't explain what happens when choices are made and the universe splits itself from that point. Is my soul copied too? Am I still one soul? Are those other worlds clones of this one? Am I the one in the clone universe?

I don't have those answers, indeed no one does. The Many Worlds Theory is just a theory, and the basis of faith is equally immeasurable and unprovable by current methods. I think the fact that we, as scientific beings, can even come up with and test the plausibility of such concepts is a testament to the awesome power of our minds. The Many Worlds Theory is part of what makes Quantum Leap and Sliders the wonderful bits of creative entertainment that they are. Proof or truth may always escape us, but we know our minds can come up with amazing things regardless of what turns out to be fact.

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Anonymous said...

In my mind the theory of many worlds does not have to conflict with spirituality. However that it does in many cases is also very true. This theory has always been interesting and one that I have been intrigued with since Jr. High School.