Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Results are In

The dealer didn't even look at my car yesterday. This was quite a point of annoyance. But I did get a call today, and they said it's all fixed and will only cost me less than $500 (A little less than half of the range I was given). They were also quick to tell me that I ended up saving about $900 because I did not need an entirely new transmission. That helps. A little.

So, I worked through my lunch yesterday in anticipation of leaving early to pick up my car. This means I already have the extra thirty minutes to leave at 1500 today to make it to the dealer in time to pick up my car. I regret that this will have to go on the credit card, but it won't be there too long.

My costume is coming along. I may even finish in time for Day of Wrong. If not, certainly in time for Halloween.

I am extremely tired today. I've been fretting about my car and something else that I'm not going to talk about here. Maybe with the car taken care of, things will improve.

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