Monday, October 01, 2007


I wish I could find that Sherman's Lagoon comic strip and scan it for you....

I was really hoping to come here today and announce "Go look at my cool website, made with my snazzy new program!" Alas, no. It's been one thing after another trying to get all FTP things set just right to publish the thing. Even as I type this, I'm trying for the third time to get this stuff up. (Before any of you laugh, remember I'm a total FTP rookie.) It's going to be cool when it's up though!

I've also learned, among setting up an FTP connection, that Microsoft, and so many things Microsoft, just doesn't play with the other kids. I can create and publish my websites with FrontPage, or I can create and publish my websites with any other site developing software, but I can't use FrontPage for one site and something else for the other. That's because Microsoft has to be special, and doesn't use FTP to publish sites. And in order to publish with FrontPage, I have to have a special setting at my host. And I can't have this special setting and FTP set up at the same time. GAH!

This is extra annoying because Fusion works so much better for my picture-heavy site, and FrontPage works so much better for my text-heavy site (particularly because so much of it is already built in FrontPage and re-designing it in Fusion would be a pain and a dozen). If anyone has a simple solution to this problem, I'd love to hear it. (What I'd really love to hear is that I can indeed publish with FrontPage using FTP, and I just missed it somewhere.)

Ok...File transfer is complete. That's what it says....


Ok, I see some tweaking is in order, but it's up and I'm happy! Go click on my website link to the right --> and let me know what you think! Be gentle, I'm still learning.

And working out the technical dilemma with the other site.....

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