Sunday, October 14, 2007

Airyn's Big Birthday Weekend Bash, Part 2

I'm afraid I have no pictures from today. I didn't take any on my camera! (Fox, how did we miss that?)

Dad and I actually arrived early enough to see the opening ceremony, which featured the king entering the village on a horse. That was pretty neat. We got a quick bite and met up with Fae, who was able to join us for the whole day, not just the evening. Yay! Dad found the king and he and his court sang me a birthday song. I got sang to by the king! Go me!

Then we located Fox and headed to the Globe Theatre to spend the morning. Two years ago, the faire started doing an entire production of something Shakespeare, and I really like that they've started doing it. The first year was the Scottish Play, last year was my favorite, A Midsummer Night's Dream, and this year the feature is As You Like It. This isn't one of Shakespeare's better known comedies, I guess, and that may be why it didn't draw a bigger crowd (where the previous two would be considered full house). That's a shame because, even if you know nothing about the play, the presentation of it was just wonderful.

After that, we had lunch and did some shopping then saw another show and did some more shopping and then saw the show that I'm glad I didn't miss. There is a wire walking show and his last show of the day is always the best. He was yelling at me because I botched one of his jokes. He does a sword juggling bit and people usually don't clap when he starts, and he makes a joke about it. But I like him, so I started clapping. And every time he tried to restart, even without me clapping, everyone took the hint and started clapping, so he couldn't do his "you're not clapping joke." I would say oops, but I think it's rather funny. At the end, he walked the tight rope in high heels. That was really impressive.

After all this fun, six other booth employees joined dad and Fox and Fae and I at Outback for dinner.

I do so enjoy being able to spend special time with my friends (even the new ones). One of these days, I'll get ALL my friends together. I know that's going to be a feat!


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PS. I at least took pictures with my camera.