Friday, October 05, 2007

Oh, This Lovely Weekend

I get to see Pat's house today, finally! Pat moved in before I left for Idaho, and we simply haven't had a chance to get together since. I'm really excited to see the place, and I'm also going to re-explore the possibility of getting one myself. I don't think I can afford Pat's community, but there are some in my area that should have a more affordable land lease. I so badly want to move out.

Last weekend, my mother and I had to return my grandmother's car. We visited for a bit, then went over to see her friend, who is so close to us she is like a grandmother herself to my brother and I. We call her aunt; blood relations or not, she is family. I know she enjoyed our impromptu visit, but she did leave me a little annoyed. I had mentioned how expensive things were and how very hard it is for me to even consider moving out, and she asked why I wanted to. She's been widowed for years, and living on her own, so I suppose she just doesn't understand that sometimes it's good to be alone. It's also very hard to ask a boyfriend (or boyfriend potential) over to watch a movie knowing my dad will be playing WoW in the next room. My aunt was yelling at me! She yelled at me for wanting to live on my own, and for wanting to get married and have children. But it's perfectly alright, and good for him, that my brother is married. I am not going to be living with my parents until they retire and sell the house from under me.

So, I'll have a look at Pat's house today, and I'll want one of my own. And another coworker is having a house built, and I want one of my own. If I could find one I can afford, I'd even settle for an apartment at this point.

My mother read an article recently that talked about Idaho being the fastest developing state currently. She said despite recent layoffs, they're actually in a worker shortage. Then she said that maybe I could find a job first and then find a place to live. Wait, is my mother encouraging me to move to Idaho? I think she's starting to think that it's not so bad, because she wants to retire to Colorado, and her sister lives in Utah. All relatively nearby places, I guess. My mother also suggests I should hold off getting a modular home like Pat's, because they are trying to introduce legislation that builders who build five and six and seven and eight hundred thousand dollar homes need to also build homes that are actually affordable. So, maybe by my move out goal date, they will be building $100,000 homes here? Yeah, I don't hold much hope for that either. Someday, I will get out on my own.

Tomorrow is wedding number 3. I hope it's as nice as the first two I went to this season. And that should be all the weddings I have to endure for a while. One can only hope. Sunday is my last day of working for the faire season. You'd be right if you noticed I haven't worked much. I guess that means the booth is well staffed. There is no rain in sight, it's going to be very dusty.

Oh, and guess what? Welcome to my 600th blog post!

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