Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Jobs and Things

So, who's noticed I've been talking a lot about work lately? I know you all have, and I'm sorry. Work has been so busy that it's all I've got to talk about.

If you want to know, I had my annual eye exam yesterday and the surgeon said everything was perfect. (Fox, did you stop looking into that?) I haven't been riding for a long while, but we plan to do it today. It's been hotter than Hell here. I think of my friend Willow every time I see a butterfly (why is that, Willow?) and a pretty white one just flew by my window.

Ok, this is kind of funny.

Sometime during the Summer, I looked at a lot of ventriloquist websites. During those random searches, I found this awesome device; a stand that attaches at waist so a ventriloquist and walk around with their buddy on a little platform with them (also freeing up a hand because the other doesn't have to be used to hold our friends up). Cool, huh? Well, when I found it months ago, I didn't make note of it. So, yesterday, I decided I might actually want to buy it, and I tried every word combination I could think of to locate it. It just wasn't happening. I searched all morning, and though I could accurately describe the thing for the search engine, none of the words I chose were what the actual website used. I got very frustrated, and went to lunch and an after-lunch meeting thoroughly annoyed. I am the Queen of Dig, I can find anything!

I told one of my coworkers about it and why I was thoroughly frustrated when I returned from my meeting and decided to search again. This time, I didn't try to describe the thing, I tried the most likely term that I used when I accidentally ran across it the first time. Wouldn't you know, it was on the first website that came up! Yes, my previous searches did bring up that website, I just didn't look close enough to see it there (because I was so certain that my search terms would bring me right to it, I think). I really am the Queen of Dig, and I really can find anything if it's out there to be found. Sometimes, I guess I just need to get out of my own way!

Don't worry, I copied the link and the name of the site and e-mailed it to myself, so I'll be sure to find it if/when I decide to buy it.

Work is still busy and pretty much all I have to talk about. It took me two hours this morning to work two e-mails, and one of them is not yet complete.


Willow Goldentree said...

You think of me when you see butterflies? I feel so special! I've been seeing them a lot since Landon's funeral - interesting if you ask me. I think we'll definitely need to go back to that Butterfly exhibit at our zoo the next time you come to visit, and wear better colors!

Fyrecreek said...

Yes, I do! Every time, without fail (after I got back from my trip, that is). It just happens. :)

Anonymous said...

No, just on the back burner.