Tuesday, October 23, 2007

They're Calling for Rain Again

Let's hope it comes this time. There is already a statewide emergency and a ban on open fires in Virginia (during the time when lots of people burn leaves) and numerous counties enacting water use restrictions. Parts of the area are looking at fourteen inches of rain deficit. The one inch we got last week didn't help much.

Now, with all the fires in California, local weather reports begin with what we need to prevent that from happening here. The simple answer is: rain. And lots of it, but not all at once. And we also need people to stop throwing their lit cigarettes out car windows. Idiots.

As for those poor people in California, my heart aches for them. I've been thinking about what I would do if I had to evacuate my home, and what I would bring. Some things are just not important, like my vast and most beloved collection of dolls. My CPU would be on the list of things to take, as well as a few photo albums. Then I think, how much time do they have when they're told to get out? Do you get a day to choose which parts of your life require saving? An hour? No time at all? And then, where do they go? Where would we go if we had to leave? This is a rather dangerous area to be in, with our proximity to the Capital and major military air base. We have to think about these things anyway. But it's different if we're fleeing because of an attack versus fleeing because of a powerful force of nature.

Is it ironic that parts of the East and West are starving for rain and poor New Orleans has too much of it? I hope Nature is kind and provides us all some relief soon.