Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Sometimes You Feel Like a... Dolt

Ok, I'm not a total dolt, I'm learning. It's true that I was complaining about FrontPage's limitations without actually going in to FrontPage to see if what I need to do is possible. I was basing my information on the (usually rather thorough) FAQ of my webhost, that includes specific instructions on how to upload sites using three specific popular site building programs. The only one where FTP how-to's were not written was for FrontPage, which led me to deduce it wasn't possible (or at least not apparent).

I did some searching and found some other information, and it looks like it totally is possible. And I know where to find the information I need to do it. Now, I would like to go home and open up that program and put it to work! It probably won't be for another day or two yet, as I finish up some things and tweak others to get the site ready. Microsoft still doesn't play with the other kids, though. He's over swinging on the monkey bars while the rest of us play hopscotch, and he wants us to come and watch him swing on the monkey bars. Think about it. And laugh. I haven't had any coffee yet.

Tonight should be a good night. I don't plan to do anything special. I have no idea when dad is getting home, and I know mom is planning to go golfing. This means I should have a nice solo ride, and maybe even some time to myself in the house (to work on my sites some more). Despite my total lack of sleeping and that I've been really stressed out for the past few weeks, I'm having a pretty good day. I'm excited that things seem to be working, at least!

And I managed to get some coffee!

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