Sunday, October 07, 2007

You Know You're in a Drought When...

...there is not a single day where the MD Renaissance Festival was rained-out. Yes, I know we still have two more weekends to go, but usually there is at least one day (one year, there were a ton of days) where the rain is so bad that I get told not to come in because of the low crowds it brings.

Not a single rain day this year. The land is parched and you can tell.

Today was a very hot and humid day. I chose the wrong thing to wear, and spent the day incredibly uncomfortable. I hope next weekend will be a little cooler, because I intend to wear my court dress, which is rather heavy and works better in cooler weather. They are talking rain for Tuesday. We'll see!

If nothing else, the heat of today has left me exhausted. I hope that means I'll sleep well!

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Anonymous said...

I thought that was way to warm of an outfit and I am glad you had a fan to use. I am sure that helped.