Saturday, October 06, 2007

Party Time!

Congratulations, Jill and Greg!

The third an final wedding of my wedding obligations this year was also very nice. I've learned a little about what it takes for me to enjoy myself at a wedding. It take me liking at least one of the main two people involved. That may seem obvious. The thing is, I enjoyed this wedding. The ceremony was nice and short and the pastor was funny. Then the reception had good food, I was sat with a group of people who all knew the bride's sister (my good friend Turtle) so we had something in common to talk about, and there was music you could dance to.

They're really a great couple, and I'm sure they will spend many long years as happy together as they were today.

Don't mistake me, I still don't like weddings. But I do like that I've been able to go to three of them and not feel like I was being tortured, and actually have a good time and well wishes for the newly coupled.

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