Thursday, October 18, 2007

They're Talking About Rain

It has been a record-tying drought. If we don't get rain by the end of today, it will be a record-breaking drought. The last time this area had a drought like this was 1985. Lawns are brown and cars are dirty amidst many water use restrictions.

It is pretty gloomy out there today, but there has been no sign of even a drop. They're saying, if not today, tomorrow has a good chance of bringing us some measurable rain. It won't be enough to save the trees. The usually colorful, tourist-drawing foliage has gone from green directly to brown (if it changes from green at all in this unseasonable heat).

Even with so many people out of touch with the world around them, Nature and her blessings are still very much a necessity.

And here's hoping for a drop or two to get us out of this!

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