Monday, October 08, 2007

Work, Work, Work!

Federal holidays are usually nice. Traffic actually moves when lots of people don't go do work. OBC was open today, but many people were off.

We use this as a catch-up day. It's a great day to catch up on work that may be falling behind, because all the things we do that have deadlines (related to when the mail gets sent, or when payments are made) do not happen on holidays such as these. There are no payments, banks are closed. And there is no mail, USPS is closed.

So, I got to hammer away at my eighty-job inbox with complete and total disregard to my usual 1500 deadline on certain jobs. This means less hopping around from job to job, and less phone calls coming in because people think we're closed today. It makes my work more streamlined.

I actually got quite a lot done, almost eighty jobs. That means some fifty came in during the course of the day. Tomorrow will be back to the same old; daily deadlines apply today.

With all the work I did, though, I feel rather burnt out. Yeah, I'm still not sleeping very well, and
I have a lot of unexpected expenses this month that occupy a lot of my thoughts. Maybe that's it.

Tomorrow, I can work nice and slow again, and no one will notice (truly, Adolf has no idea how much work I am capable of doing in a day. That's a very good thing since he expects less than that of me). And my anti-virus scan has started and everything is running slow (I have a ginormous drive). That's about how I feel today. At least there is also some accomplishment there.

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