Sunday, June 03, 2007

The Atlantic Hurricane Season

What's left of Tropical Depression Barry brought us a lot of light rain. It's kind of funny that the first named storm of the season started before the season. My name is on the list this year! I hope I become a hurricane and do some damage! I don't want to kill anyone, just some general havoc. It'd be neat if I make it up to the Chesapeake like Hurricane Isabel did in 2003. I'll have to keep an eye out for me!

In any event, rain means that we wouldn't be walking to brunch today. So we drove.

There was a good group who came out in the rain for brunch this morning. Eight of us were there, where there is normally four or five. Believe it or not, in a world of bread, meat, and mayonnaise, I was actually able to find something to eat and stick mostly to my diet.

Rain didn't leave for much shopping either, though we did have to run to the hardware store to get another cork for mom's kayak. We like to plug the scuppers to keep the decks as dry as possible. And there's a lot of sediment in the waters where we kayak, so water doesn't come up through he scuppers, but some totally grody brown foam stuff. Yuck. So, a plug to stop that from happening!

Mom and I did a tiny bit of shopping; groceries at Trader Joe's and some new paddling gloves at EMS. I also found one of those backpacks that can carry water. Then it was off to home, and some movies.

I've been doing a lot of su doku lately. Rain tends to make many people not want to do much but sit around, I guess. Not sure what yesterday's excuse was, then.

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