Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day

I spent today at the last running day of the Virginia Renaissance Faire with Fox. We got to see the shows that my dad was in that we previously missed. He was holding the flag in the queen's entrance parade, and she walked by this magic show we were watching. I knew the performer from the MD festival, and told him before the show that my dad was part of the cast. So, since the parade runs by his show, he knew it would be interrupted. We all got up to bow to the parade, and as they approached, the magician said, "On the count of three, everyone say 'Hi, dad!' One, two, three." And and entire audience yelled "Hi, dad!" as he walked by with his flag. He tried not to laugh.

Later, he got me back by pointing me out to some of the people he works with: I got to play the fair maiden (in pirate costume and all!) in their Saint George and the Dragon masque for the queen. I was actually anticipating that, so it doesn't really count as a 'hi, dad' counter. But my dad did introduce me to the queen. And I was remembered by the queen a bit later in the day. Yup, I'm special!

The thing about my dad, and I've always known this really, is that he's very personable. He makes an impression on the people he comes across. He was quick to show me off to the people he was working with, and everyone would tell me what a wonderful guy he was. Of course, I knew that already. He's my dad. He annoys me quite a bit, probably because I still live with him. But I love my dad.

Happy Father's Day, dad! And thanks, Fox, for taking me all the way to Spotsylvania to see him.

I heard a really horrible and angering statistic today. If you are guilty of this, you should be ashamed. Today, I heard that the day upon which Father's Day falls is the one day of the entire year that sees the most collect calls above all other days. You people can't even spend money on a phone call for dad? If you're worried about cost, go get a card at the $1 store and mail it. Gees. If you're guilty of being a part of that statistic, hang your head in shame. You are a horrible person. You can't even foot the bill for one day to call up your dad and tell him you love and appreciate him, why bother at all? I'm appalled at each one of you guilty people. 'My gift to dad is to make him pay for my phone call.' It's disgusting.

I'm getting off the soap box now. It's way past my bedtime!

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