Friday, June 22, 2007

Finally Friday

Man, this day took forever to get here! Fox and Fae and dad and I are going to the Celtic Fling and Highland Games tomorrow. We're driving up to stay at a hotel tonight, and will head home on Sunday. It should be a nice day and two nights away. Don't worry, I'm not planning on spending a lot of money.

And I get to drive mom's CR-V. It might guzzle more gas than my Saturn, but it's good on long trips because of that cruise control thing. And the ton of room. And the 6-disk CD changer.

That's all I have in store. Nothing is special about today except that the time is just crawling! I'm so ready to get out of town for a weekend!

Yesterday, some strange man came to the house to inspect our air conditioning unit. Miss Luna hates strangers, so she bolted up the stairs and into her favorite hiding place, my closet. I finally heard her creeping down the stairs about an hour after the technician left. I followed her down, and when she noticed me coming, she tried to run back to the closet. I caught her and brought her all over the house. So she could see for herself that the stranger had gone, right? A little bit later, my dad had to go out to his car to get something. When he opened the door to come back in, Miss Luna high-tailed towards my closet again. Poor dad stood in the foyer saying "Luni, it's just me!" But Miss Luna wasn't hearing any of it. She had barricaded herself in the closet again. What a cat.

Callie's story for the day is not so interesting. She clawed the heck out of me for no reason. She was laying on the bed next to me, and I moved my hand, and she became attack kitty. I recovered the shreds of my fingers and calmed her down a bit. Maybe all the packing for the weekend made her nervous.

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Willow Goldentree said...

HAHAHA! Oh, your kitties are silly! "Luni, it's just me!" What a sight that must have been.