Friday, June 15, 2007

I CANNOT Concentrate Today!

Nothing further happened with WAM and the lights yesterday. Boss² told Pat to try not to be confrontational and just feel sorry for her because she's wacko. Pat said if WAM came in early enough to mess with the lights again, he would pull rank (something he's never done) and tell her to leave until her 0700 start time. Then he said "What is she going to do, beat me up? Call her mother and tell on me again?" I was laughing so hard!

But that's not why I'm finding it impossible to concentrate today. I just learned, first think in the morning too, that my very dear and best friends might be visiting me at the end of October! Hold your ears...


Oh, I haven't done that in forever!

Ok, so if that is when they decide to come, I'll have to use every single free minute to clean up the house (it needs it) and then we can get a nicer bed, and use that closet and....


Sorry, another one!

And then I can take them to Luray, and down town, and kayaking, and to Annapolis, and Baltimore, and maybe there will be time to head to Salem or visit another friend in PA or....

No, I'm not going to girly scream again. Yet.

Ohmygosh, ohmygosh, ohmygosh! My friends are going to visit me!!

So, I really want to be home right now, cleaning my little heart out. This is going to be the tough part, because there's a lot to clean up: years and years of left over and unnecessary crap lying around in boxes, in bags, on floors. I'm not proud of my home right now, but I'm way to busy to do anything about it.

My mother said my friends visiting is incentive to get moving. OK! I'm on it! As soon as I get home from work. We're going to have to get rid of a lot of things (that's alright). I usually start with the easy jobs (that assumes there is one) but I think I'll try to reverse that somewhat.

I think I will start with what is currently serving as the computer room. It's got not only my computer, but a chest of drawers that I would like, and a ton of craft stuff and left over college stuff. The stuff on the floor is mine, the stuff on the makeshift shelf is dad's and he hasn't really cared about it in 20 years. This room used to be my old bedroom, and we want to make this the official guest room. So, I'll start in on that today, I think.

After that room is straight, cleaning out the rest of it should be easy. The closet will be used for my costumes and house supplies that I'll be taking with me when I move out. And that would get started on my bedroom. (I know, for shame!)

Oh, I'm so exited! I don't want to be at work at all!



Willow Goldentree said...


I girly screamed with you! HAHA!

Fyrecreek said...

Seriously, how often do we get to do that anyway? :)